Africa Forward.

Economic Impact

We are invested in East Africa’s success.

We are driving innovation in processes and systems, streamlining operations, and implementing technology to create efficiency that can help to reduce the cost of goods and services with those savings being passed to consumers, and to ultimately create jobs and 
empower consumers.


We recognise the need to protect the environment and maintain noise-free, dust-free and spillage-free handling systems.

Our entire operation and systems employed by Bulkstream are environmentally friendly, with all discharged cargo running through enclosed overhead discharge systems and conveyors. Dust extraction procedures ensure dust emissions across our operations are at a minimum.

Our transport solution via the Rail network reduces the carbon footprint for the same tonnage by an average 90% compared to road transport.


We discharge large ships thus reducing number of vessels and fuel consumption, transfer cargo using conveyors saving energy and fuel consumed by inefficient means such as trucks, reduce packaging waste as we promote bulk product delivery, bag when required with the right size of customer bags, spillage free system, use of Rail transport and reduce 90% carbon footprint against use of trucks. any other suggestions are welcome.

Food Security

We have scaled our operations, enabling over 8 million tonnes of food, fertiliser and other essential commodities to move through Mombasa and along the Northern Corridor, ensuring supply of grain and fertiliser is unhindered, and is delivered cost-effectively to reduce the cost of living for close to 150 million people in the region.